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Gas-filled suspension system in Bangladesh

December 20, 2018

Gas-filled suspension system is being one of the vital equipment in any vehicle responsible for stability and control. When we see the rear shock absorbers of any compared, they are majorly categorized into two- Mono Shock and Dual Shock absorbers. In either of the two now a days “Gas Charged or Nitrox” dampers are commonly seen. You must be wondering what these dampers are and how good they are the piston. to the regular two-wheelers shock absorbers? Well, we will try to explain what these Gas Filled Dampers .The gas filled shock-ups can be easily differentiated by ‘Canister’ attached to the conventional spring-loaded shock absorber. It is this Canister which holds the gas inside, it is mostly Nitrogen gas used in these cans and that is the reason why it is also known as ‘Nitrox’ dampers. Before we go ahead with the details of the topic it is mandatory to check how a shock absorber (conventional) works. The job of the spring is to bounce back from the uneven surface rather than soaking the impact, it is the Piston along with the Oil responsible for the damping action. So, when the vehicle hits a bump, the piston inside the damper moves within the tube filled with damping oil along with perforated Valves.
All hydraulic shock absorbers work by the principle of converting kinetic energy (movement) into thermic energy (heat). For that purpose, fluid in the shock absorber is forced to flow through restricted outlets. A telescopic shock absorber (damper) can be compressed and extended; the so-called bump stroke and rebound stroke. Telescopic shock absorbers can be subdivided The oil is then dissipated from the holes of the valve and hence allowed limited resistance to the movement of piston thereby performing efficient damping. This up and down movement of the piston inside the oil oil-filled tube caused a phenomenon called ‘Cavitation’ in the damping oil- in simple words; it is foaming of the oil. What happens when there is excessive movement takes place, the gas molecules present in the oil (which is about 10%) start releasing due to loosening of the bond between the oil molecules and the gas molecule present in the damping oil, resulting from the formation of air bubbles which eventually takes the form of Foam.
the piston rod is pulled out, the oil above the piston is pressurized and forced to flow through the piston. The resistance, encountered by the oil on passing through the piston, generates the rebound damping. Simultaneously, some oil flows back, without resistance, from the reservoir tube (6) through the foot valve to the lower part of the cylinder to compensate for the volume of the piston rod emerging from the cylinder.
Gas-filled dampers are used to prevent foaming of the damping oil valve, so that the efficiency of the shock absorber remains constant throughout. The canister is used to be filled with pressurized Nitrogen gas, which further act as reservoir for both oil and Nitrogen gas. The role of the Nitrogen gas is to keep the damping oil pressurized so that the gas molecules present in the oil remain bonded with the oil molecules and must not get loosen to form bubbles/foam and hence prevent the Cavitation.Mechanical-Works                                                                                       Gas suspension system
When the piston rod is pushed in, oil flows without resistance from below the piston through the orifices and the non-return valve to the enlarged volume above the piston. Simultaneously, a quantity of oil is displaced by the volume of the rod entering the cylinder. This volume of oil is forced to flow through the bottom valve into the reservoir tube (filled with air (1 bar) or nitrogen gas (4-8 bar). The resistance, encountered by the oil on passing through the foot valve , generates the bump damping.

This is how the piggyback canister attached to the rear shock absorber (Mono-shock/Dual-shocks) of your ride helps this Nitrox the efficiency of the damper throughout the ride irrespective of the riding condition. So, folks when you see these Nitrox filled shock absorbers featured on your motorcycle, feel privileged as they are indeed a better technology . the bi-tube damper, the mono-tube shock has no reservoir tube. Still, a possibility is needed to store the oil that is displaced by the rod when entering the cylinder. This is achieved by making the oil capacity of the cylinder adaptable.

Therefore the cylinder is not completely filled with oil; the lower part contains (nitrogen) gas under 20 – 30 bar. Gas and oil are separated by the floating piston. When the piston rod is pushed in, the floating piston is also forced down by the displacement of the piston rod, thus slightly increasing pressure in both gas and oil section. Also, the oil below the piston is forced to flow through the piston. The resistance encountered in this manner generates the bump damping.


latest Industrial Automation Service Providers

December 20, 2018

The demand for the latest Industrial Automation technology is growing as companies across industries look for ways to streamline and speed production and manufacturing. This creates a significant opportunity for the makers and service providers of manufacturing control and execution systems, electric motors and drives, sensors, regulators, and robotics. We help these companies capture market opportunities and address the challenges associated with increasingly complex automation systems, fragmented value chains, diverse customer requirements, and the growing emphasis on software. From large conglomerates and multinationals to small product specialists and integrators, our Advanced Electronics Practice serves a range of companies. Our consultants have deep expertise in the manufacturing methods and requirements of discrete industries, such as automotive and assembly, as well as process industries, such as pulp and paper and bulk chemicals. We have a unique understanding of our clients’ customers, the industries in which they work, and the trends that shape those industries. In the age of digital disruption, companies need to rethink their business, products, and services. We help clients bring the digital transformation to life through Accenture’s Innovation Architecture, a unique suite of labs, studios, and innovation and delivery centers that enable clients to rapidly prototype and test new offerings and scale them at speed. Accenture Labs engineered a connected car, embedding sensors that could gather driver data and provide services to encourage safer driver behaviors. Using an innovative process that involved crowdsourcing and augmented reality, we collapsed the typical design and development timeline from more than a year to six weeks, potentially creating significant cost savings.
Our experts also bring the latest thinking on automation technology to each client project. We advise clients on growth strategy, organization and capability building, research and development and product architecture, design-to-value, supply chain, purchasing, and go-to-market strategies. Last, because the software is increasingly

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important to our clients’ hardware, we serve clients on the topics of software amelioration and software capability building. We helped a multinational client develop a smart IT strategy that combined the best of the client’s IT capabilities and infrastructure. By drawing on the perspectives of McKinsey experts from a variety of industries, the team assisted the client in exploring multiple options. personalization doesn’t end with production–it charges ahead in the aftermarket. We take the customer insights gained through AI-enabled software and connectivity to help clients shift to as-a-service models with solutions focused on maintenance, repair, spare parts, warranty and product performance. The client has since launched a new business unit focused on providing smart IT solutions in a specific industry. Building upon individual customer requirements addressed in the design phase, manufacturing shifts from a “one-size-fits-all” to a demand-driven, hyper-personalized approach powered by industrial automation. We support the development of smart products and services using new technologies that drive down operating costs while increasing product quality and operations transparency. More with less are challenges facing all industries. Yet each industry is unique, and there are no simple answers. To reach your goals, you need a partner who speaks the language of your industry.

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