Pioneer in innovative Engineering Solution, Automation & Contractor Service

Telesys Bangladesh Limited is a leading solution provider of the Electro-Mechanical & Automation domain covering most of the sectors in Power Plant & Factory Job, Electrical Energy, Power, Process Industries. Telesys Bangladesh develops and provides Control and Energy Management solutions that help our customer in managing their process and energy efficiently and easily.

Telesys Bangladesh Limited is a leading solution provider and equipment supplier also in Telecommunication sector. Telesys Bangladesh Limited has the experience of all active and passive part in MSc, BSc core site and other BTS sites.

Telesys Bangladesh was established in 2012. Over the last 8 years as Telesys Bangladesh now is Telesys Bangladesh Limited on its delivery excellence, Telesys Bangladesh Limited has been able to position itself as the preferred solution provider around product basket from best in class manufacturers like Schneider, ASCO, Nafco, SEMENSE, DELTA, Eta-com, C&S, Mitsubishi & ABB etc. Telesys Bangladesh Limited intent to continue on its growth path and build a strong base of satisfied customers in different sectors.